we listen, we design, we execute

Is it expensive to call in an interior design agency?

Our fees range between 10% and 12% of the project total cost, depending on the complexity and importance.

Thanks to our experience, our vision of your project in its globality, we offer innovative and creative solutions, in order to optimise each square centimeter. Your property will benefit from customised planning and space distribution, no matter the floor space.

The financial cost of our “Creation-Execution » services will be largely offset by the add-value brought to your property.

Moreover, we fully manage all works, to free up your time and energy.

Can the interior design agency impose his business partners ?

“We propose, the client decides”: we do not impose the companies with whom we work.

However, as Main Contractor, we are responsible for the quality and thorough execution of all works, as well as for the timely delivery of your project.

Dans le cadre d’une confiance mutuelle que nous établissons avec nos clients, nous conseillons fortement de faire appel aux entreprises que nous nous sommes fidélisé et dont nous sommes garants du sérieux et de la qualité de leurs prestations.

What guaranties can an interior design agency offer ?

As member of the M.A.F (Mutuelle des Architectes Français, , insurance company for French Architects), we are insured for « Professional & Civilian Liability » and for « Decennial Responsibility” (ten years responsibility). Moreover, we are legally bound to work with companies also benefitting from Professional and Decennial warranties.

Your project and all related works are insured, from design to execution.